پیش ثـبت نــام خریـــــــد +Galaxy Note 10, 10 آغاز شد پیش ثبت نام خرید
About Us

Sam Takvin Kavosh Company, an official sales representative of Samsung products, such as home appliances, mobile devices, cameras, camcorders, and original accessories has begun its business activity since 2010 by the aim of providing appropriate services for its wide range of customers.

Our customers can easily purchase our products through different ways either through our website by online shopping or by visiting our stores and buy in person as well as calling us and ordering by phone.

Obviously online shopping has uncountable advantages for purchasers; therefore it grants special privileges for the public and private companies who are our online customers, including:

  • Access to more products and services
  • More information about different products
  •  Possibility of comparing different products and their price
  • Save your time and more flexibility in time management
  • Competitive prices
  • Ease of purchase
  • enables customers to share their ideas
  • protect the environment by decreasing traffic jam and air pollution

In order to provide more services and up to date information about everything that you need to know concerning Samsung products you can visit our website that is mentioned below and join us in following up all which is new about Samsung.

Our website special facilities include:

  • Announcing Samsung sales, seasonal and festival offers
  • Installment with the minimum fee
  • Informing about coming conferences and exhibitions
  • Considering different rewards for organizations and major purchasers
  • Presenting products with authentic warranties
  • Free delivery and installation, running, and after-purchase services by Sam Service professional workers and experts

Seeking for our business improvements we always look for our customer’s advices and feedbacks.  And to stay in touch with our customers, we are honored to answer your questions via our website and social media so please join us and express yourself.  

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